I am sitting here on the balcony at Becky’s condo, probably for the last time, and it seemed like the perfect time to let you know what’s been happening in the last five months.

Becky decided in June that she did not want to continue going to the adult day program. I knew it was going to happen, but it came a little sooner than I had anticipated. Becky home again seven days a week; oh boy. Luckily, I had been talking to a chef friend about working with Becky on meal planning and preparation. The discussion quickly changed from two mornings a week, to five mornings a week! She started working with Becky at the end of June, and we haven’t looked back.

Becky has improved in so many ways and has acquired several new skills that help her in the kitchen. She made her first Grilled Cheese sandwich last week, completely independently. Yahoo! She makes several different things for her breakfast, when previously she could only make one thing.

On the down side, things came to a head at the condo. We hit a financial low and a decision was made to try and rent it out. Despite a year of traveling back and forth between the house and the condo, Becky never wanted to stay there more than one night a week. We are spending the Thanksgiving holiday here so we can pack. While other Canadians stuff their faces with turkey, we are packing and moving boxes of DVDs, clothes, food, plates, etc. the movers are coming Thursday to collect the furniture and bring it back to the house, seventeen months after I had moved it from the house to the condo.

I have had my first major shocks with my health during the last month. I am now on three medications instead of none. Anyway, after three weeks I am feeling better; not 100%, but five hundred times better than when I first saw my family doctor.

Our lives have changed direction again, and we find ourselves wandering a different path. I’m glad to be settled in one place and I think Becky’s personal chef is a winner. I look forward to a few months of routine and an occasional moment of relaxation. I could do with a rest.

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Closing Down

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  Our lives have changed and the purpose of the blog has gone.  Who knows when or if Becky will attempt independent living again.  Every story needs an end, and I think this is the end of one part of our story.

When I began, I wondered if I could write for a year; it has been almost two.  Writing helped me through one of the most difficult, and lonely, parts of my life.  Thankfully, that time has passed, and both Becky and I are enjoying life again.  I thank all of you for reading, commenting, and generally supporting us on our journey.  It seems we have arrived…somewhere…somewhere safe, somewhere warm, somewhere relaxing, somewhere good.  We will stay here a while, I think, and spend time with each other, with friends, and with family.

Moonshine 2013 030


I leave you with a photo of Becky, doing what Becky does best; drinking tea.

Best Wishes to all of you, and thanks. Cheryl and Becky xx

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McDougall Cottage



I spent the afternoon in Cambridge, Ontario at McDougall Cottage. I have rejoined the long sword dancers and went today to celebrate May Day. A bit late, I know, but there was another function last weekend and the dancers couldn’t make it.

Oakville Ale and Sword (us).

Wolf At The Door Molly Dancers.
It was a bit chilly and we were dancing outside, but the museum staff kept feeding us hot sausage rolls, cheese and onions rolls, and haggis rolls. They were all delicious.


Waiting our turn.




We dance five dances. Four of them are long sword dances, and one is a rapper sword dance, which I don’t do. I had one practice in 18 months, and was thrown to the wolves. Actually, it all went quite well except for the whap on the head. I wasn’t the only one. Occupational hazard.

Long sword dancing is an old style of dancing from a couple of areas in the UK. It is now part of the morris dancing tradition and is often used to celebrate holidays such as Twelfth Night and St. George’s Day. I love it. Running around while waving a sword; it’s a dream come true.

While I was out waving a sword around and stuffing my face, Becky was at home, alone, for the longest time ever. Well done, Becky.

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This Is The Cat…

This is the cat that woke me at 5 am. This is my third night in a row with 5 hours or less sleep.

This where she threw up after I got up and fed her. It’s the only piece of carpet in the house, and it’s right beside my bed. Guess what I stepped in when I got out of bed? Squish!! What precision.

This is the sink that Becky filled with clothes for hand-washing. She is not able to hand-wash and we have a washing machine. I have cat puke to clean up, a sink full of dishes in the kitchen, I’m not dressed and an attendant is due to arrive, and now I have to wring out a pile of clothes, and no, the attendant won’t help with any of those things.

That’s my morning. A pretty typical day. How’s your day going?

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Pink and Purple

It’s hot outside, so we decided to plant the flowers that we bought last weekend. This is quite a workout for both of us. I lift Becky in and out of her wheelchair, and she has to manoeuver herself and maintain balance.

Digging the hole.

Taking the plant out of the pot.

Put it in the hole and fill it in.

I think there were nine plants in total. Enough to get Becky covered in dirt, anyway. She said to me, “I love this garden”. I said, “I do too”. When we moved here seven years ago, there were two huge trees, a rickety tree house, and lawn. We have planted everything that’s here, pruned the hedges, and put siding on the ugly shed. It’s ours. It is here because of us.

My mom taught me about gardening. It was one of her loves. We grew daffodils in all sorts of containers, but my favourite was a blue and white windmill. We picked apples from the tree and made pies with my Nan. Mom showed me how to prune roses, as we had a rose garden in the front. Her enjoyment was passed on to me, and now, it seems, I have passed it in to Becky.

Gardening, and gardens are such a joy, especially on a day as beautiful as today.

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A Bit Of A Week

A bit of a week. Becky’s own support worker has started college, apparently, so we won’t be seeing her again. Thanks for that.

Becky’s left foot isn’t doing so great, so we’ve had to adjust our thinking a bit. We both had a good cry and a piece of chocolate mousse cake, so we’re good to go. Obviously it wasn’t quite that easy, but this is the life we have and we have to continue to live it. I’ve put a call into the Spasticity Clinic and we’ll deal with the outcome. In the meantime, here’s some photos from the week.

Monday was great. Coffee morning with two friends. I arrived early and caught a Tai Chi lesson in progress.

I also wandered around the mall/shopping centre for ten minutes and got the next two shots.


It was really nice for me to spend some time in the company of adults who are outside the world of Becky; mostly.

You’ve seen the photos from Wednesday, so the last one is from today. Friday night at the condo…

I love these amazing effects you can achieve with iPods/iPhones. This particular Panorama App seems to be idiot proof, which is an important feature for me, and was the only one that did this interesting 360 circle.

Me and my Apps; the hours just fly by. :-) Have a good weekend everyone!

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May 1st

The weather today is absolutely gorgeous; sunny and 20 C. Becky decided it was a good day to plant potatoes.

These are the banana potatoes that she thinks are so hilarious.

First she cut them up.

Now they’re ready for planting, which is where I come in. I put in two rows, and then Becky watered them.

Now it’s time to sit back and read a good book.

Oh look, it’s about food. What a surprise!

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