Miracle of Miracles

Sorry, I haven’t written in a while.  It’s usually a sign of unresolved issues at home.  The day after I wrote my last blog, I received a phone call from Becky’s Case Manager at Community Living saying something incomprehensible.  I asked her to repeat it several times; “Becky’s getting how much, and what’s it for again?” 

A year ago, Becky spent time putting together a Life Plan for herself; where she saw herself in the future, what she needed to do to get there, and what help she would need along the way.  Somehow, and I don’t have any details here, this plan was presented to somebody, and they felt she deserved the money to turn her plan into a reality.   Becky wants to live independently with support in two years time.  She would like to live in an apartment with a room-mate.

Nothing earth shattering here, except Becky wasn’t expected to survive the car accident, let alone, thrive and grow.  When she came out of her one month coma, 19 years ago, she was blind and paralysed.  The doctors told us to expect a vegetable that couldn’t move.  Devastating.  They were wrong, and I think they were glad to admit it.  Almost two decades later, Becky has become a vibrant, humorous, and determined human being.  She cannot walk without assistance, and only has one hand that works, yet through years of hard work and support, she is partially independent.  She is now being given the money to work until she is fully independent.  Unbelievable.

It has taken me over a week to comprehend the changes that will be taking place over the next two years; not only will Becky become independent, but I will too.  It is exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  I won’t have to drive her everywhere, I won’t have to be home every evening to put her night splints on, and I won’t have to provide hourly support.  How will I find viable work when I’m almost fifty, where will I live, what will it feel like having free time every day?  I stopped myself from having an anxiety attack and reminded myself that there will be lots of time to sort these things out.  If Becky can do it, so can I.

So what do you say, are you willing to come along on our journey, as miracle of miracles, Becky takes on the challenge of her life and becomes the thing that was never expected of her; an independent adult?  It’s going to be difficult, fun, probably exhausting, but almost certainly, entertaining.  I think Day 1 will start this Wednesday, so if you have time, stop by and see what happens.


About chebandbecky

I was born in Birmingham, England and emigrated to Canada in 1988. Becky is my daughter who was injured in a car accident. We are working towards her independence.
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One Response to Miracle of Miracles

  1. Tom Bradley says:

    Wonderful post, Cheb…I’ve just strapped on my saddle (chafes a bit), and like you, with the occasional panicky moment, I’m ready too…if she can, we can…

    Yeeeeeee Haawwwwwwwwwwww!!!

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