Me and the wii

Yes, I have my laptop back.  This time the hard drive had gone, but my computer guy got me back up and running.  Yeehaah!

I was on my way out the door to pick up the computer, when Becky told me she was going to play on the Nintendo wii.  “Aahh. I should probably move that tree”, I said.  The tree in question, is a Norfolk Pine, which was given to me by a lady down the street when it became too big for her to move.  That was over a year ago, so it’s a bit bigger now.  My face was buried in the branches as I heaved the thing off the floor.  Branches clung to the door frame and scraped all along the walls.  Ooops.  I only made it down the hallway and into the living room.  I didn’t feel ready to tackle the stairs.

I pulled the dried twigs out of my hair and pulled on my shoes and coat.  “Oh, Mom”, a little voice called out.  “What?”

“The wii isn’t working”, Becky explained.  Oh joy.  I went in to have a look.  My goodness; there were remotes, nunchuks, and batteries everywhere.  She wheeled out the room, leaving the trail of debris behind her.  “I changed the batteries”, she called out “but I’m not sure I put them in the right way”.  Okay.  A good place to start looking.  I checked the remote; the batteries were correct.  Good job, Becky.  I turned everything on and hit the A button on the remote.  Nothing. I tried the other remote.  Nope.  The blue lights flashed on and for a tantalizing moment I thought everything was okay, and then they switched off.  “I’m going to pick up my computer, Becky”, I said, and ‘I may be some time’, I thought. 

Half an hour later I was back and ready to take on the challenge.  Why weren’t the remotes syncing?  First I tried the batteries, in case Becky had put in old batteries instead of new ones.  Of course, I wasn’t too sure myself about which was which.  The first remote didn’t work, so I tried the second.  Bother.  I thought I might need some guidance and decided I needed the manual.  Where was the manual?  In a safe place.  I looked all around the room, in drawers where I keep other manuals, and drawers where I don’t keep them, but no sign of it.  I opened a closet, just in case, and sure enough, there it was, a shiny white wii box.  I pulled it apart, with stray parts flying out in various directions.  ‘I’ll pick them up later’, I thought.  I was focused on the problem and only had eyes for the wii manual, which was where it should be, at the bottom of the box.

First, it suggested pushing the reset button and then syncing the remotes.  Okay.  Tried that and still nothing.  I tried it again, just make sure.  Nada.  I had to look through quite a bit of the manual, before I found another solution.  Unplug the system for ten seconds, and then re-sync the remotes.  I unplugged the system, counted to ten, counted another ten, because you can’t be sure whether it’s a slow count or a fast count.  Anyway, I switched everything back on, pushed A on the remote, and ‘hey, presto’, it worked!  It only took me an hour. 

What does Becky do?  (High pitched voice, here) I have never had a problem with the wii system, ever, and yet she manages to shut the whole thing down.  We all have our skills, and this is hers; creating chaos.  If she could ever channel that energy into something productive, who knows what she could accomplish.  Wait; that’s a scary thought.  Perhaps things are better left alone.

About chebandbecky

I was born in Birmingham, England and emigrated to Canada in 1988. Becky is my daughter who was injured in a car accident. We are working towards her independence.
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