Lost in Space…

I lost my iPod.  After a confrontational morning with Becky, which I will write about at another time, I looked for my iPod, and couldn’t find it.

The last time I had it, I was writing yesterday’s blog on my laptop, and I had the iPod plugged in, charging.  I looked around the desk, nothing; around the room, nothing, around my bedroom, living room, kitchen, nothing.  I went back and looked again. 

I was feeling pretty frustrated, because I often spend a lot of time looking for things for Becky, so I wasn’t impressed that I was looking for things for me.  I decided to have a shower and calm down, and have a think.  I did think.  I think the last thing I did, was change the sound settings on the iPod last night, but I couldn’t remember where I did it.

I also remembered setting up the iPod in the first place, not too long ago, and it asked me if I wanted to set the relocation device incase I lost the iPod.  Ha!  I won’t lose the iPod.  I lost the iPod.

I came and sat down in the same place I was last night.  I looked under every piece of paper, CD case, and envelope.  I dropped my head in despair, and there it was, on the floor.  It’s black, the carpet is dark brown, and the desk is also black; no wonder I couldn’t see it.  I was pretty sure I didn’t drop it on the floor last night, so how did it get under the desk?

I looked at the cat.  She blinked.  Could the cat have unplugged the iPod?  No, but she could have knocked it on the floor.  I wonder if there was an alarm that came on during the night, the iPod lit up, and the cat went crazy and attacked it.  What a strange thought.  I bet Steve Jobs didn’t think of that; “your iPod can also be used to entertain the cat”.   Sigh, another chapter in the escalating world of electronic madness.  Here’s another thought, maybe the cat was really ‘using’ the iPod and was playing some games and downloading some animal apps; it is an iPod touch after all.

About chebandbecky

I was born in Birmingham, England and emigrated to Canada in 1988. Becky is my daughter who was injured in a car accident. We are working towards her independence.
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