Wheels in Motion

I have not been blogging lately; not because there’s nothing to say, but because it would have been pretty negative. I don’t like to be defeatist, but that’s how I’ve been feeling.

I have two staff away at the moment. I cleverly arranged for someone to cover about two-thirds of the missing hours. They arrived this morning to take Becky out for lunch. The lady was already frazzled because of an ambulance at a friends house and a missing cell phone. Okay. I had Becky ready to go, so they just needed the van keys, and I made sure that Becky had her cell phone, and off they went. As I am without a vehicle most of the time, I am walking to places whenever possible. I was going to walk the half an hour to the Central Library. It was a bit warm, but no humidity, so not too bad.

I was in the library five minutes when my cell phone went off. Becky. “Mom, my wheelchair is falling apart.” Pause. “Which bits”, I asked? “The wheels”, she answered. Sigh.

Five phone calls later, I had managed to talk them through enough of the problem to get them back to the condo. I was already heading back there. It had heated up a bit and my increased speed was making me sweat, a lot.

I made it back before they did, so I waited in the underground parking. When they arrived, everyone started talking at once. A wheel had come off. The wheelchair had jumped in speed. Becky was freaked out. Super.

I took Becky to the place I know best; Canadian Tire. “I have a strange request”, I started, “the wheel fell off the wheelchair and I was wondering if you could fix it”? Fifteen minutes later, and no charge, we were on our way. Thanks again, chaps.

This is only one in a huge list of things that have happened recently. I am tired of dealing with so many problems and I am usually too tired by the end of the day to even write about it. Strangely, some people thought that Becky was living by herself and I was living somewhere else. Noooooo. Becky has just managed to make her way up to the condo and let herself in, independently. It took TWO MONTHS of training! She was able to do this at the house for years, but move her to a new environment and she becomes helpless. It took her six weeks to learn how to use the intercom. I had to be there all the time to let people in until Becky mastered that skill.

I am now crossing off the days until Becky goes away to camp. It’s been a year since I had a break. I really need a holiday. Not long now…

About chebandbecky

I was born in Birmingham, England and emigrated to Canada in 1988. Becky is my daughter who was injured in a car accident. We are working towards her independence.
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2 Responses to Wheels in Motion

  1. Nancy says:

    Hang in there. You’ve got this.

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