It Begins…

Bathroom at condo

The long awaited bathroom renovation began today.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to juggle everything, letting workman in and out at the condo, taking care of Becky at the house, driving back and forth, training new person at the house.  Phew, out of breath.  I’m glad I didn’t worry about it too much, because it was easily sorted out with the workman.  We went through the options, checked what could and couldn’t be done, and went with the option that worked the best for both of us.  Result, I’m free to carry on with Becky and training staff, while he is free to take care of the bathroom.  Don’t ya love compromise.

About chebandbecky

I was born in Birmingham, England and emigrated to Canada in 1988. Becky is my daughter who was injured in a car accident. We are working towards her independence.
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