The Squeaky Wheel

Becky’s wheelchair has six wheels. About two weeks ago, one of them started squeaking. I ignored it for a couple of days, but finally broke down and hit the shed in search of tools. It took about ten minutes to find the right sizes for the nuts.

You can see the covers on the sides of the front and rear wheels. What their purpose is, I don’t know, because all they seem to do is trap dirt and foreign objects! Anyway, I pulled the covers off the rear wheels and cleaned all the dirt, sand, and hair away from the spindle/axle/whatever it’s called. I put them back together, cleaned up the mess, and got the grease off my hands. “A job well done”, I thought.

A couple of days later, I hear a squeak. Again, I ignored it. Again, it got worse. This time it was the front wheels. At least I had the tools ready this time. I go through the same procedure and think, “that is it. All the wheels are cleaned”.

Earlier this week, squeak, squeak, squeak. No. It cannot be. It was. It got louder and louder; worse than the previous two times. Maybe it needed a mechanic? Nah. So, yesterday morning, before Becky got up, I took her chair outside and cleaned the rear wheels, again. In a burst of energy, I also cleaned the rest of her wheelchair, which had so many pieces of food in it, we could probably feed a family of geese for a year!

Becky got up, wheeled off, and squeak, squeak, squeak. What!? Now the sound was at the front. I was too busy the rest of the day to do anything, so I had to leave it. I had friend come over to help me study (that’s another post coming soon) and we could barely hear each other over the noise. Becky was even shouting at her wheelchair, “shut up, you stupid chair”!

Last night, once Becky was in bed, I took the front wheels apart and cleaned them, and put them back together, and squeak, squeak, squeak. At this point, I felt it was personal; me against the chair, so I take the front wheels apart again. This time I am a bit more aggressive, and ‘lo and behold’ I find another crevice full of crap…I mean a lot of garbage that sits on the floor that was hoovered up into these wheels. It was much harder to get out, but after half an hour with a thin blade, I managed to get most of it out. I do the clean up routine, again, and hope for the best. It’s now ten o’ clock on Friday night. While others are relaxing, or out having fun, I’m sitting on the floor cleaning wheels. Just one one of the many joys of life with Becky. Anyway, I digress. I tried the wheel chair, and silence. What a lovely sound. Silence. The squeak was gone.

About chebandbecky

I was born in Birmingham, England and emigrated to Canada in 1988. Becky is my daughter who was injured in a car accident. We are working towards her independence.
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9 Responses to The Squeaky Wheel

  1. Zoinks! “The Squeaky Wheel” Have you by chance ever seen any episodes of “Hammy Hamster”? Once upon a time my better half and I joked WE would film an episode with our gerbils, in which they would visit the local pub. Of course, it would be called “The Squeaky Wheel.” Sounds like you could use a drink there yourself after all that! 😉

    Congratulations on getting it sorted in the end!

  2. Karaboo says:

    I’ve been gone from blogging for a while now, but wanted to say how happy I am that you’re back to posting! I loved reading about your adventures with Becky and missed them when you stopped – but understood your reasons.

    I’m glad you fixed the wheel and happy that you’re back posting again!

    • chebandbecky says:

      So lovely to hear from you! I have missed your family adventures too. Sometimes the family needs us more than the blog, I think. When the time is right, it appears, our blogging family is still here. How wonderful.

  3. livinwheeled says:

    Hey there, great post! If the squeaky wheel returns I suggest looking into replacing the bearings, as squeaking is a sign that they’re wearing out. I have to replace the bearings I n my casters every couple years, but I ride my chair pretty hard. Anyways check out my blog 🙂

    • chebandbecky says:

      Thanks for the info. I was trying to avoid another repair as we’ve had so many already this year; not to to the chair, but the van and the porch lift.

      I’ll definitely check out your blog and thanks for visiting ours.

  4. Adrian Mann says:

    WD40 is your friend! Apply liberally to all recalcitrant and complaining machinery

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