California Pizza Kitchen 

This post is in two parts. First was our amazing dinner at California Pizza Kitchen in Tempe. For starters Becky ordered the dumplings. 

Delicious! Then she ordered the crunchy Mac and Cheese. 

I ordered the Spicy Chipotle Chicken Pizza with Lime Coriander Crema. 

There’s so much flavour! We love the food here, and the amazing service, so we were excited to see they have produced a cookbook. Naturally, we had to buy it. Pizza, cookbook and crema to go.

The second part of the post is baking a pizza from the book. I won’t reproduce the recipe here, but the dough is a little different from other pizza dough recipes. The topping was supposed to be pepperoni, mushroom and sausage. I had made some pasta sauce earlier in the week with sausage, mushroom and red peppers. I just spread that on instead and then grated cheddar and gruyere cheese on top. It cooked in 10 minutes. 

This was so good! The dough is soft and light, no hard pieces of crust. It puffed up considerably in the oven, so I would make it thinner next time. As for the all-in-one topping, it turned out rather well. I might start keeping some pasta sauce aside to use on pizza  in a hurry. 

We will be making this again and are looking forward to making lots of the recipes in the book. It’s not just pizza, there’s salads and some great desserts too. 

We are off traveling for a few days, so till next time…Happy baking!

Cheryl and Becky 

About chebandbecky

I was born in Birmingham, England and emigrated to Canada in 1988. Becky is my daughter who was injured in a car accident. We are working towards her independence.
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2 Responses to California Pizza Kitchen 

  1. restlessjo says:

    And all this before breakfast! (in my house 🙂 )

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