Ramen Soup

Have you ever seen the movie “Ramen Girl”? We have; many times. We thought it would be fun to have a go at making Ramen soup from scratch for recipe number 14. We used a recipe from “Street Food Diaries” by Matt Basile. Matt makes lamb meatballs to cook in the broth, but we just added the meatball seasoning directly to the soup. The list of ingredients is almost the length of my arm, but it goes pretty quickly. 

Fry garlic, chopped onion, chopped leek, chopped green onions, minced ginger and chili paste. Add soy sauce, Marsala, sliced water chestnuts and sliced mushrooms. 

Seasoning for the meatballs includes cumin, fennel and basil, so we added those with stock. Simmer for at least half an hour, longer if you’ve added meat. 

Towards the end of cooking, hard boil as many eggs as you would like, prepare ramen noodles. Add ramen noodles and spinach to the broth. 

You can eat it just like that or add halved boiled eggs. 

Soooo good! We will be making this again. It is way way better than any store bought ramen, and better than ramen I’ve had at restaurants, except for one place many years ago. I didn’t include amounts because you can make a lot or a little.  

We are having a stormy weekend. We went to see a film, but the cinema was closed due to flooding!! We are cooking instead. A batch of cinnamon buns is ready to go in the oven.  

Becky is going to make fajitas tonight, which I will post another time. When life gives you storms, make lots of yummy food! 🙂

Cheryl and Becky

About chebandbecky

I was born in Birmingham, England and emigrated to Canada in 1988. Becky is my daughter who was injured in a car accident. We are working towards her independence.
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4 Responses to Ramen Soup

  1. Love ramen! Your dish looks fantastic.

  2. trkingmomoe says:

    You cinnamon buns look good even unbaked.

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