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Closing Down

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  Our lives have changed and the purpose of the blog has gone.  Who knows when or if Becky will attempt independent living again.  Every story needs an end, and I think this … Continue reading

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Gift From Sweden

A package arrived today from a fellow blogger in Sweden. She kindly, and generously, offered to send some of her Goat’s Milk Soap for Becky to try. She’s never met us, only through our writing. I was stunned, and gladly … Continue reading

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One Of My Old Loves

My new camera arrived today. I’m so excited! It’s a digital SLR. I have no idea how to use it, but I won’t let that dull my enthusiasm. I always used to have a decent camera, even if it was … Continue reading

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Becky and I are off to my home town tomorrow, arriving on Wednesday.  I’ve packed the bags; Tim Horton’s cappuccino, Ziploc freezer bags, and Hershey chocolate bars (although I can’t understand that preference myself).  I shall return with a variety … Continue reading

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100th Post

Yep, I’ve reached a century, in blogging terms, anyway. In a few days it will be the one year anniversary of this blog. I figured I’ve written between 40,000 and 50,000 words; a book. I’ve written a book! I originally … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award

I received a nomination for this award a few days ago. At first I was very excited. I didn’t take it as a sign of my greatness, but it did feel like I was being acknowledged as a blogger in … Continue reading

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A New Challenge

This what I need; a new challenge. Life with Becky has been nothing but challenges, so I will need something to fill the void as she moves away. I did a web search on “hobbies”. Blogging came up several times. … Continue reading

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We made it to Dayton, Ohio today. The weather wasn’t great, but the temperature stayed above zero, so the snow and rain didn’t cause any issues. Raspberry took a little time to acclimatize to the van; she spent the first … Continue reading

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Going Mobile

We’re driving to Arizona tomorrow; four days in a confined space with Becky, the Chaos Queen, Tom, the humble sidekick, Raspberry, the toothless cat, and me, the official scribe. I’m practicing writing from my iPod, so I can blog along … Continue reading

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Change and Rearrange

I spent most of last night setting up a Twitter account, which frankly, I don’t know what to do with, and visiting the blogs of people who had visited me. I was so impressed by what I saw; it was a feast … Continue reading

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