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This Is The Cat…

This is the cat that woke me at 5 am. This is my third night in a row with 5 hours or less sleep. This where she threw up after I got up and fed her. It’s the only piece … Continue reading

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How’s It Goin’?

If you are a Canadian, your answer should be, “pretty good” or, “not bad”, even if your arm is hanging off. The first week back to normalcy is goin’ pretty good. The first day the attendant was 25 minutes late, … Continue reading

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Service Will Be Resuming

Becky’s attendant care begins this morning after a three week break. I think she needed the time to figure things out, which she did, but I am ready for things to go back to normal. I have been making things … Continue reading

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I suppose the other side of the “no privacy” coin, is the “no show”, which is what happened this morning. After fifteen minutes Becky called the agency to see what was going on, and got an answering machine.  She left … Continue reading

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