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This is the first of our Bake Off challenges and perfect for Pancake Day. I ate a lot of these growing up in Birmingham, but I haven’t seen any since I came to Canada. You mix equal amounts (175 g) … Continue reading

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New Year

This is what I did New Year’s Day; skated in Mississauga’s Celebration Square. I used to ice skate every week when I lived in Birmingham, but since moving to Canada, which is covered in ice and snow for several months, … Continue reading

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Went for a walk along the canal, on Sunday, with my brother and his family. Birmingham has more miles of canal than Venice. You can walk to most parts of the city using the canals, so they become a natural … Continue reading

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Trip Essentials

The trip to Birmingham has gone extremely well. I was very concerned about the record-breaking rainfall that has occurred here this summer, but so far, we have slept through all the rain. Yeah! After a bit of a struggle, my … Continue reading

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Becky and I are off to my home town tomorrow, arriving on Wednesday.  I’ve packed the bags; Tim Horton’s cappuccino, Ziploc freezer bags, and Hershey chocolate bars (although I can’t understand that preference myself).  I shall return with a variety … Continue reading

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Move On Down the Bus

This was commonly heard on the buses in Birmingham, as the driver tried to squeeze as many passengers on as possible. We took the buses everywhere, and still do when we go over to visit, because they are so easy … Continue reading

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Total Panic

I woke at 5 am in a cold sweat. The enormity of what I’m doing hit me like a freight train, and for a couple of hours, I mentally ran in circles. I have become a manager; with no training … Continue reading

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I’ve started to sort through things and clear out unwanted belongings, but suddenly it feels like they are all unwanted. I find myself giving away boxes of books! No, really. Never before have I felt the urge to throw my … Continue reading

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I haven’t been writing much lately, because I’ve been a bit fed up.  The chaos followed us to Arizona.  We’ve had not one, but four leaks in the plumbing.  Two of them were stop valves, so we had to keep … Continue reading

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