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Apple Muffins

Bake Off challenge number 19. This wasn’t really a challenge for us as we make muffins on a regular basis, but we thought we’d put an easier recipe in for a change. Apple and Oat Muffins are in “Great British … Continue reading

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There’s A Chipmunk In The House

Our cat loves chipmunks. She waits for the good weather so she can stalk them, chase them, and occasionally catch them. Due to our untypical mild weather, I’ve been leaving the back door open. I was sitting outside one afternoon … Continue reading

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This Is The Cat…

This is the cat that woke me at 5 am. This is my third night in a row with 5 hours or less sleep. This where she threw up after I got up and fed her. It’s the only piece … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why The Cat Is Happier Than We Are

Raspberry, our cat, did not do well at the condo. She developed some allergic reaction, which turned into an upper respiratory infection, necessitating two emergency trips to the vet. The inside of her mouth had turned blue, completely freaking the … Continue reading

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Brag and Gag

According to my friend, the same one that recommended bulk purchases of reading glasses, this maybe a ‘brag and gag’ blog. They usually are found in letters from distant relatives, occasionally from neighbours, and almost never from dear friends. I … Continue reading

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We made it to Dayton, Ohio today. The weather wasn’t great, but the temperature stayed above zero, so the snow and rain didn’t cause any issues. Raspberry took a little time to acclimatize to the van; she spent the first … Continue reading

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Going Mobile

We’re driving to Arizona tomorrow; four days in a confined space with Becky, the Chaos Queen, Tom, the humble sidekick, Raspberry, the toothless cat, and me, the official scribe. I’m practicing writing from my iPod, so I can blog along … Continue reading

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Lost in Space…

I lost my iPod.  After a confrontational morning with Becky, which I will write about at another time, I looked for my iPod, and couldn’t find it. The last time I had it, I was writing yesterday’s blog on my laptop, … Continue reading

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