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TheWeek That Got Away

The week got away from us; appointments, meetings, and weather so gorgeous that we had to barbeque. Although we had planned a Bake Off recipe and bought the ingredients, it just didn’t happen. C’est La Vie! Enjoy the sunset.

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Break A Leg 

Yep, that’s exactly what I did ten weeks ago during the dangerous activity of gardening. Unfortunately no-one was around so I had to crawl the 150 feet back to the house to call for help. The bones were set and … Continue reading

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Trip to Bavaria

I haven’t written lately because the WordPress App on my iPod wouldn’t let me.  I normally write on the fly, as do many of you, I think, so I haven’t written.  I just uploaded the new update, and now the … Continue reading

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It has been a long, long winter. Becky and I have been stuck in the house for four months! The reasons are varied. Becky had surgery, the lift broke, frigid temperatures, I hurt my back, and the lift broke again. … Continue reading

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First Day

Tuesday was my first day driving a school bus as a job. It started off alright, safety check, drive to first pick up, load students, and then I went to drop the students off at the school. “No. We can’t … Continue reading

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Keys to the Bus

It’s official! I picked up the keys to my school bus this morning. Yeah! It has been a bit chaotic, of course, as the bus company changed and cancelled routes. Becky has started new treatment on her left ankle to … Continue reading

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What Day Is It?

Becky was up before her alarm this morning, which is very unusual. “You’re up early”, I said. “It’s Thursday”, she replied. “No. Today’s Friday. You were at your day program yesterday. Remember?” Silence. Due to memory problems we have calendars … Continue reading

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Just in case…

…you thought things were running smoothly, that everything was hunky dorey, I thought I’d write a quick post to say, “no, that’s not true”. Becky has been battling pressure sores since the third week of December. The cold weather makes … Continue reading

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Today Is Cancelled

I expected the attendant care to cancel this morning, but when I hadn’t heard anything by 8:50 am, I realized that I had to start shoveling the driveway to make a space for their vehicle.  As I was digging out … Continue reading

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Two Out Of Three

The fridge arrived and so did Becky’s Dad with his van. My laptop is still in for service, but two out of three, so the saying goes, ain’t bad. In celebration, Becky and I decided to go out for dinner; … Continue reading

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