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Rhubarb Coffee Cake 

Coffee cake was an alien food to me when I first came to Canada. I was invited to ‘coffee mornings’ where you drank coffee and ate coffee cake. “I don’t like coffee”, I would tell people. “No problem”, they said, … Continue reading

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Break A Leg 

Yep, that’s exactly what I did ten weeks ago during the dangerous activity of gardening. Unfortunately no-one was around so I had to crawl the 150 feet back to the house to call for help. The bones were set and … Continue reading

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Stormy Weather

We had severe weather warnings for Tuesday evening. There were tornado warnings north of us. It was one of those rare times where the meteorologist got it right. A large tree at the back of the property split, fell, and … Continue reading

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I mentioned a week or so ago, that I was studying. Yesterday, I passed! I am now licensed to drive a bus. It took two weeks of training, a medical, a written test, and a road test. I Also spent … Continue reading

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I am sitting here on the balcony at Becky’s condo, probably for the last time, and it seemed like the perfect time to let you know what’s been happening in the last five months. Becky decided in June that she … Continue reading

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Closing Down

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  Our lives have changed and the purpose of the blog has gone.  Who knows when or if Becky will attempt independent living again.  Every story needs an end, and I think this … Continue reading

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McDougall Cottage

I spent the afternoon in Cambridge, Ontario at McDougall Cottage. I have rejoined the long sword dancers and went today to celebrate May Day. A bit late, I know, but there was another function last weekend and the dancers couldn’t … Continue reading

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A Bit Of A Week

A bit of a week. Becky’s own support worker has started college, apparently, so we won’t be seeing her again. Thanks for that. Becky’s left foot isn’t doing so great, so we’ve had to adjust our thinking a bit. We … Continue reading

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Macaroon Celebration

  After seeing numerous blogs about macaroons, I decided I needed to try some.  They look so pretty and so delicious, but where to get them?  I saw a posting about them on Facebook  by a friend, so I asked … Continue reading

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March is the Start of Spring

  It’s March, and here, at last, is our first sign of spring. My witch-hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is in bloom. It’s such a contrast to the snow; so cheerful and bright. Other things to celebrate this month are, Tim Horton’s … Continue reading

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