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So much to do!

The last 5-6 weeks have been very busy. We have cooked but I haven’t had time to write up the recipes. We’ve also been on a road trip to Thunder Bay, which was wonderful.  Sault Ste. Marie Down a nickel … Continue reading

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Wide Open Spaces 

We made it to Arizona! Sunrise in Illinois  Gateway Arch, St. Louis Big skies, Oklahoma  Sunrise Oklahoma  Sunrise Texas New Mexico My navigator taking a nap Rainy and icy New Mexico  Arizona! After driving 32 hours in 3 days, we … Continue reading

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Goin’ Home

The adventure going home has been quite different from the one going to Arizona. To start with, I’m on my own, which makes it difficult to navigate at times, like yesterday, when I got lost in Indianapolis for an hour. … Continue reading

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Good Ole Fashioned Fun

Where would you expect to find a wurlitzer organ from the bygone days of silent cinema?  Where would you expect to find the largest wurlizter organ, apparently, in the world?  Any guesses?  This photo was taken at a pizza restaurant in Mesa, … Continue reading

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Tom’s Bucket List

This is my second time writing this blog.  I lost the first version trying to insert photos.  Why is this easier on the iPod?  Anyhoo… The Grand Canyon was on Tom’s Bucket List, so I decided to book a hotel … Continue reading

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Final Destination

Friday was our last day on the road, and we started with another sunrise, but this was a famous New Mexico sunrise, and it didn’t disappoint. See photo below. In fact, New Mexico didn’t disappoint. Sedona, Arizona is known for … Continue reading

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Going Mobile

We’re driving to Arizona tomorrow; four days in a confined space with Becky, the Chaos Queen, Tom, the humble sidekick, Raspberry, the toothless cat, and me, the official scribe. I’m practicing writing from my iPod, so I can blog along … Continue reading

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