Macaroon Celebration

Afternoon Tea 011


After seeing numerous blogs about macaroons, I decided I needed to try some.  They look so pretty and so delicious, but where to get them?  I saw a posting about them on Facebook  by a friend, so I asked her where to get them, “from me” she answered.  Great.  I’ll order a dozen.  Today was the day I picked them up.  Four flavours; chocolate, dulce de leche, raspberry and lemon, and lime and coconut.

I looked in the box.  “That’s more than a dozen.”  Apparently Becky and I were getting some special treatment, and ended up with 2 dozen.  Many thanks, Jen.  I happily gave away the extra macaroons to neighbours.  Sharing the loot, so to speak.

It was a bit of a special occasion; we got the news yesterday that the condo bathroom renovation will be finished on Monday!  Yeah, so I decided to make an afternoon tea to celebrate.

Afternoon Tea 018


A mountain of sandwiches; different fillings and different breads.

Afternoon Tea 016    Afternoon Tea 017

Pickled gherkins, pickled onions, lots of tea, and

Afternoon Tea 029


macaroons.  The most scrumptious dessert invented.  I have never eaten one before today,  but I was hooked, with one bite.  slightly crunchy, light as air, and taste-bud explosions.  I only had two, but could eat a dozen of the lime coconuts by myself.  Becky actually managed to eat eight of various flavours!  It’s a good job we had extra.

I love afternoon tea; I love little bites of things, lots of flavours, slowly munching and talking with friends and family.  Apparently, Becky likes macaroons.  I’ll be putting another order in soon.

About chebandbecky

I was born in Birmingham, England and emigrated to Canada in 1988. Becky is my daughter who was injured in a car accident. We are working towards her independence.
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2 Responses to Macaroon Celebration

  1. SarahJese says:

    I so need to to have tea with you – what time of day does one partake of such a wonderful repast?

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